Spanish 2 Worksheets

Texbook and Workbook:

Forgot your book at school? Forgot your homework worksheet in your locker? You can now access both the textbook and the workbook online.

Directions for Accessing Textbook & Worksheets: Please log-in to Google Classroom and see the post on textbook copies for more information!

Directions for Accessing Textbook & Worksheets: Go to the site below and signin - you will need Adobe Reader for PDFs. Then on the left click on "Workbook and Audio Activities". You can then either type in the page number at the top of Adobe to go directly to the homework worksheet page or scroll through by chapter on the left and find the worksheet you need.

Spanish 2:
  Go to: Glencoe Spanish 2 and use the following information to log-in:
  User Name: BUEVL205
  Password: gad8gEtr
  Capitals matter!


General Handouts
Spanish 2 Verb Conjugation Packet [Word Doc Version | PDF Version ]
Información Personal Page 1, Información Personal Page 2 - Personal Information sheet
Preguntas del Día - Questions of the day template
Website Assignment - Website assignment homework sheet
Foreign Language Speaking and Writing Rubrics - Scoring guides for the School Wide rubrics used for speaking tests, essays, and projects
WRHS Collaboration Rubric
WRHS Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Rubric
WRHS Technology Rubric
WRHS Citizenship Rubric

Repaso Chapter
Repaso A & B Comic Strip - Grading rubric for Repaso A & B Comic Strip.
Textbook Activity: P. R5 Act 4 - Image of textbook activity
Textbook Activity: P. R6 Act 5 - Image of textbook activity
Textbook Activity: P. R12 Act 4 - Image of textbook activity
Textbook Activity: P. R55 Act 3 - Image of textbook activity
Preterite Review Worksheet 1 [Word .docx | PDF]
Preterite Review Worksheet 2 [Word .docx | PDF]

Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Review - Review packet in preparation for chapter 1 exam.

Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Review - Review packet in preparation for chapter 2 exam.
Menu Rubric PDF or Menu Rubric Word .doc Grading rubric for the chapter 2 project - a menu and a story
Menu Editing Sheet Ch. 2 Project Edit Sheet - must be turned in with project.

Chapter 3
Notes on Imperfect AR Verbs

Chapter 4
Las Historias
Fairy Tale Rubric [PDF | Word .doc]
Ch. 4 Stores Project - Part 1
Ch. 4 Stores Project - Part 2
Notes on Prerterite vs. Imperfect [PDF | Word .doc]
Notes on Preterite vs. Imperfect 2
Preterite vs. Imperfect Review
Ch. 4 Verb Tic Tac Toe
Ch. 4 Review Packet [PDF | Word .doc]

Midterm (Ch. 1, 2, 4) Review Packet [PDF | Word .doc]
Midterm (Ch. 1, 2, 4) Study Guide [PDF | Word .doc]

Chapter 5
Ch. 5 Story Directions with Past Tense

Chapter 6
Ch. 5-6 Review with Past Tense
Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns Practice with Preterite and Imperfect

Chapter 7
Airline Safety Brochure
Geography Research

Chapter 8
Ch. 8 Repaso
Present Perfect Notes Sheet PDF | Word .doc]
Comic Strip

Chapter 10
Ch. 10 Project - [PDF | Word .doc]
Ch. 10 Project - Formatting & Notes [PDF | Word .docx]

Final Exam
Final Exam Study Guide Ch. 5-8 + 10 (No Future/Conditional)
Final Exam Review Packet Ch. 5-8 + 10 (No Future/Conditional)

Music Lyrics
Etienne - La Sala de Clase Lyrics
Etienne - Andar con AR Lyrics
Etienne - Los Blues en IR Lyrics

La Catrina
La Catrina Packets & Summaries

Encuentro Inesperado
Encuentro Inesperado Packets & Power Point Summaries

Extra Practice for Advanced Learners

Midterm Ch. 1-4 Including Ch. 3 Vocab
Chapter 3 Review
Midterm (Ch. 1-4) Repaso
Midterm (Ch. 1-4) Study Guide

Chapter 5, 6, 7 Future and Conditional Tenses
Ch. 5-6 Review with Future Tense
Ch. 6 Repaso with Future Tense
Ch. 6 Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns Practice with Future
Ch. 7 Repaso with Conditional

Chapter 9
Ch. 9 Repaso
Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns

Old Midterm and Final Exam Preparation
Cultural Project Rubric: Word .doc || PDF file
Old Midterm (Ch. 1-5) Repaso
Old Midterm (Ch. 1-5) Study Guide
Spanish 2 Final Exam Ch. 5-8 Study Guide
Ch. 6-10 Final Repaso
Old Final Study Guide Ch. 6-10